Save the Arctic – Help Greenpeace Stop Shell


o_greenpeace_whalesIt has never been more important to make a stand and help to Save the Arctic. Learn about this beautiful wilderness here and why it is now at risk from oil giants like Shell. Join Greenpeace and other environmentalists as they fight back against the threats faced by this fragile ecosystem and learn just WHY we have to make our voice heard.

The Arctic is already under threat from climate change, but it is now also under threat from oil drilling. Oil companies, greedy to the last, are so determined to seek out every last drop of oil in the Earth that they are now poised to move in on the Arctic Circle, with Shell leading the way. Despite attempts to prevent their ship setting sail, Shell has been given the green light to drill in the Arctic, potentially set to cause irrevocable damage to one of the most special places on Earth.

Oil drilling could be catastrophic for this already delicate region. Imagine what an oil spill could do to an area such as this! If you want your children, grandchildren and countless future generations to grow up in a world where polar bears still exist and mankind did not destroy the beautiful world into which we were born, then take action now to Save the Arctic!

Act Now To Save The Arctic – Greenpeace Save The Arctic

urlWe already know that the Arctic is under threat from climate change. But unlike those of us with a conscience and good heart, who wish to prevent the melting of the ice caps and save the precious wildlife who live there, oil companies don’t care one iota. Desperate to find every last drop of oil our planet can splutter forth, oil companies, led by Shell and now followed by Cairn Energy, are already moving in on the Arctic to extract fossil fuels – the cause of the melt in the first place.

Why is this such a major issue when the Arctic is possibly threatened anyway? Because this narrow drilling area and remote location mean that if there were to be an oil spill (and let’s face it, Shell’s track record makes this more than likely), it would be an utter catastrophe to deal with. Are you prepared to stand by and let the greed of oil companies destroy what is left of this precious ecosystem?

Why Save the Arctic?
What Will Be Lost?

Aside from the loss of a spectacular natural environment? Aside from the loss of wildlife unique to this area, such as the polar bear, narwhal or walrus? Aside from the fact that humanity is on the verge of destroying yet more of our beautiful planet for the sake of dirty energy?

How about the fact that the ice in the Arctic is a major support system for our planet? It reflects the sun’s rays back into space, thus cooling down our air. See it as a giant air conditioning system. If the ice is gone, that process won’t happen. The planet warms up, plunging ecosystems and agriculture into turmoil, causing yet more poverty and hunger in the world.

According to this Greenpeace article on Arctic Ice, we’ve lost 75% of the Arctic sea ice in the last 30 years. The figures in the article show that in 1979, the year I was born, there were 16,855 cubic km of Arctic sea ice. In 2011, there were just 4,017. That’s around 75% of the ice gone, in roughly one third of my lifetime. All it takes is one generation to destroy a key part of our planet. What legacy do we want to leave our children, and our children’s children?

Apparently, one without polar bears, because right now we are allowing oil companies to move ever closer to drilling in the Arctic, threatening its existence even more.

We can no longer sit back and hope for the best. Not bothering because “I can’t make a difference” no longer cuts it. Everyone needs to stand up for issues like this, because otherwise, you’ll be sitting back and allowing the destruction of the planet for our generation and future generations. Do you really want to be a part of that? Or would you rather look back and say you fought, you tried, you stood up for what was right?